Alan Watts. From "Psychotherapy: East and West"

"The Buddhist Nirvana is defined as release from Samsara, literally the Round of Birth and Death, that is, from life lived in a vicious circle, as an endlessly repetitious attempt to solve a false problem. Samsara is therefore comparable to attempts to square the circle, trisect the angle, or construct a mechanism of perpetual motion. A puzzle which has no solution forces one to go over the same ground again and again until it appears that the question which it poses is nonsense. This is why the neurotic person keeps repeating his behavior patterns- always unnecessarily because he is trying to solve a false problem, to make self of a self contradiction. If he cannot see that the problem itself is nonsense, he may simply retreat into psychosis, into the paralysis of being unable to act at all. Alternatively, the"psychotic break" may also be an illegitimate burst into free play out of sheer desperation, not realising that the problem is impossible, not because of overwhelming difficulty, but because it is meaningless."


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